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Woman Screams As Psycho Starts To Rape Her. Homeless Man Only One Who Answers Her Cries

The boldest of criminals will commit their crimes in broad daylight. I can imagine many of them hope that any people who may witness their crime will never come forward. How many people pay close attention to the things happening around them anyway? Most people have their eyes fixed on their cell phones. Don’t they?

In Brooklyn, the No. 3 train was at the station, and most bystanders did nothing when a heinous crime took place. But, Maurice Osborne wasn’t about to let the criminal get away with it! Maurice stopped Alvaro Denica, 40, from sexually assaulting a 28-year-old woman in a public place! According to reports, Denica fondled himself and then chased the woman onto the platform.

Take a look at this video

Maurice was the only brave person to rush to help when the woman screamed for help. Don’t ignore another person’s cry for help – you could be the person who needs help one day. Wouldn’t you want someone to help you? Share away, people.