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Confused Students Watch As Teacher Glues Halved Tennis Balls To Chairs. Then They Notice A Change.

Teachers do not have the easiest job. Not only do they have to instruct young minds, but they also often have to be a police officer, nurse, and mother (or father) figure to their students.

Some teachers even their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms. One teacher in Round Lake, Illinois created the tennis ball chair for her students – isn’t she so kind and considerate to do so?

Looking at this chair, you may think no one would want to sit in it – right? Well, Amy Maplethorpe, says the chair is helping her students. Amy teaches in the speech and language department at Raymond Ellis Elementary school – she calls the chairs “sensory seating.”

tennis ball chair

Image Credit: frwl / Wikimedia

Sensory seating, the school reported, is used for students who have a hard time processing information from their senses.