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Student Decides To Prank Teacher Then Receives A Call About Her Pregnancy Test

No one likes a pop quiz, but Stephen Barrows was going to have his students at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan take one on April Fools’ day. Turns out, his students had something else in mind! As a macroeconomics teacher at the school, Barrows has a cell phone policy – if the phone rings, the student must answer it and put the call on the speakerphone for the whole class to hear.

On April 1, 2014, a student planned to have her phone ring so she could ‘teach’ her teacher a hilarious lesson! Taylor Nefcy had a friend call her and pretend to be from the Pregnancy Resource Center. Once on speaker phone, the ‘nurse’ on the other end congratulated her on her pregnancy. The professor’s reaction was priceless! Then he found out it was all a prank!

Watch the video and see it all unfold!

What were you thinking?! The professor’s reaction when he discovered it was all a prank was just epic, wasn’t it?!

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