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Struggling Waitress Who Paid A Soldier’s Check Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime From Ellen

Back in October 2013, two National Guard members had lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Concord, New Hampshire. They had been discussed limiting their order due to the government shutdown. Their waitress, Sarah Hoidahl, 22, covered their bill that day. The soldiers were not given a bill that day – they were given a handwritten note thanking them for their service!

Sarah, a single mother, never thought her simple act would go viral. It did. The National Guard members posted their story online, and Ellen DeGeneres heard about it. Ellen invited Sarah to come on her show and planned to pay Sarah back the $27.75 she had covered for the soldiers. Watch the video to see what Ellen did for Sarah!

Take a look at this video

No good deed should ever go unnoticed. Sarah was very surprised to see what Ellen had in store for her! We were too!

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