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Struggling Mom Gets Pulled Over By A Cop. 24 Hours Later, 2 Cops Trace Her Back To Work

Life is not fair. Naomi Norelli was diagnosed with cancer. She was able to overcome it, though. She got a new job in Denver and moved. Sadly, the job fell through. She did get another job. You would think that would be enough trouble – but no. Naomi’s new car died (the dealer had scammed her). But, Naomi still needed to get tags for the vehicle – she just couldn’t afford the $400 fee.

Unfortunately, she got pulled over because her tags were expired. The officer asked her why her tags were expired – and she told him the truth. Naomi told him she was a single mom and couldn’t afford it. The officer listened but then wrote her a ticket – great, another bill. But, wait, there is more to this story – watch the video to see what happened next! You won’t be sorry, there is a happy ending coming!

Take a look at this video

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