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Street Kid Approaches A Car To Beg For Cash, Then Bursts Into Tears When He Looked Inside

Meet John Thuo, one of the many homeless kids living in Nairobi, Kenya who have a heart of gold despite his appearance and social status. Being homeless and left nowhere to go, John has to resort to begging for money on the streets – often pleading his case to car owners and passengers.

One day, he came across a woman named Gladys Kamande, who has a pair of collapsed lungs thus her arsenal consisting of an oxygen concentrator, two oxygen cylinders, as well as a generator are essential for her to breathe. Gladys is also blind, as John learns – he felt so sorry for her that he started to cry, and was photographed in doing so. He also gave her whatever he had left on that day!

Image Credit: Inspire More

The story went viral – and Gladys now has enough money to receive proper medical treatment! Also, John is now happily living a new life and getting the education he needed – thanks to Gladys!

Image Credit: Inspire More

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