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Stray Puppy So Hungry She Tries To Pull Bones From A Camp Fire

Mockingjay had only been alive for about 8 weeks. She was already starving and desperate to find food. Sadly, the pup found a campfire that was just dying out. ON the fire were some chicken bones. Not realizing the danger, Mockingjay tried to get the bones out of the fire and was severely burned. Mockingjay was treated at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand.

The Soi Dog Foundation does amazing work for the homeless animals in Thailand. Mockingjay was in a lot of pain when she arrived, but the staff was able to treat her burns, and she made a full recovery! The happy ending to this story is that Mockingjay is no longer homeless – she has a family of her very own in England!

Take a look at this video

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