Oklahoma City-based Mutt Misfits is a non-profit shelter specializing in finding homes for stray cats and dogs who have injuries, birth defects and other imperfections that might otherwise result in their being euthanized.

Owner Heather Hernandez says she believes strongly that just because an animal has some sort of imperfection or disability doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the love and affection that can be provided by an adoptive family.

A 5-year-old mixed breed recently arrived at Mutt Misfits after being found wandering on the streets as a stray.

He was soon christened with the name Toad by Mutt Misfits owner Heather Hernandez for a very good reason after he was examined by the shelter’s veterinarian.

Toad was discovered to have two mouths, one located in the usual position on her face, but the other in a more strange location.

Upon closer examination, the vet discovered that Toad had a second mouth, complete with teeth and salivary glands, located on the side of her head where an ear would normally be.

This second mouth causes Toad’s face to be misaligned as well as some minor pain issues and some challenges with her vision and hearing.

The vet thinks that Toad was originally a twin in her mother’s womb who eventually absorbed the other twin, causing that twin’s teeth to be connected to Toad’s skull.

But Toad’s two mouths and imperfect appearance was no deterrent to Heather and her family.

They decided to give Toad a forever home because, in Heather’s words, “She’s one in a million.”