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Hungry Stray Dog Kept Food In Her Mouth And Didn’t Eat. Then They Followed Her To See Why

Seeing a stray dog is heartbreaking. Most strays are too scared to trust people. They may have known people before who mistreated them and are scared to trust again. Sometimes, there is a stray dog that will come close and even accept food from you. That at least you can take comfort in.

The people in this video were feeding a stray dog. They noticed that instead of eating the food they gave her, she just held it in her mouth. Curious, the people followed the dog the next time she came for food. Can you guess what she was doing with that food? She wasn’t eating it herself.

Take a look at this video

She was taking it to her puppies. Such a good momma. Let’s hope that the video spurred someone into action and momma and her babies are safe and off the streets. Share away, people!