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Man Spots Stray Dog Carrying A Bowl Of Food In Its Mouth And Decides To Follow Her

Stray dogs are often seen for only a few moments.

They are usually wandering from one place to another, searching for food or shelter.

Yusuf Kılıçsarı saw a dog walking along a sidewalk one day and fell in love with him.

As Yusuf got a little closer to the dog while he was in his car, he noticed that the dog was carrying a bowl in its mouth.

The bowl had food inside.

The man followed the dog for a few moments and saw that it was on a mission to somewhere.

The dog walked down the street past a construction area and then through a junkyard.

It was in the junkyard where the man was finally able to see what the dog was doing.

The dog had four puppies that it was giving food to from the bowl.

All of the puppies looked like they were healthy and taken care of by their mother.

When the puppies saw the food, they devoured it in no time.

The man continued to watch the dog and the puppies, wondering where they would go and if they would ever find a home.

Although there’s no indication as to what the man did with the puppies if he rescued them, there’s a possibility that he gave them a home or found a home so that they wouldn’t be in a junkyard.