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Stray Dog Brings Gift For The Woman Who Feeds Him To Show His Appreciation!

A kind woman from Thailand named Orawan Kaewla-iat feeds the stray dogs that live near her home. One of the dogs, Tua Plu, comes by every day with his mother. Most dogs just go to the bowls and begin to eat. Not Tua Plu, he comes with gifts. Orawan says that Tua Plu comes with something in his mouth every day.

stray dogs

Image Credit: Orawan Kaewla-iat

Before he eats, he delivers his gift (usually a piece of paper or a leaf). No one is certain how Tua Plu learned to do this – but watch the video and see him present his gift! The now viral video has been circulating in Thailand. There are many people interested in giving Tua Plu a home!

Take a look at this video

Let us hope that he and his mom find a loving forever home soon! The video is sweet – but it breaks my heart to know that they are so many animals that live on the streets.