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Stray Cat Gets ‘Employed’ After Wandering Into A Nursing Home!

Animals are great companions and wonderful therapists. They seem to be able to tell when you are happy or sad. Having a furry friend is the best home remedy available! This receptionist cat’s name is Oreo! Oreo was a stray cat who eventually worked her way inside of a nursing home and appointed herself as the nursing home’s feline ambassador!

Day after day, Oreo would appear outside the building. It didn’t take long for Oreo to be let inside and she now has a forever home at the St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio.

Carmen Delgado said that Oreo is like family. Oreo helps everyone – the patients and the employees.

Oreo has helped make the facility feel more like home. Most of the residents used to have pets at home, and now they have Oreo!