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Dog Was Abused As A Young Puppy And As He Grew Old, A Stray Cat Came Into His Life

When Trevel was a young dog, he was abused. It is hard to trust again after being mistreated.

But Trevel was able to overcome his trust issues as he grew older.

Years later, Trevel became a farm dog and lived life free and happy.

As with most dogs (and people) as he became even older, Trevel became partially blind and deaf.

Now, Trevel lays in his bed most of the day and won’t leave.

He has a good friend, a stray cat named Puddy Tat.

The video below comes to us from Nat Geo Wild. I bet you can guess what happens.

But go ahead and watch the video – you may be surprised at what happens when this stray cat comes to visit Trevel.

Take a look at this video

If humans could show just a fraction of the compassion and care that animals do for each other – imagine how wonderful this world would be!

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