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Woman Lures Stray Dog She Found On The Beach In Her Car — What Follows Is Incredible

In Greece, Valia Orfanidou is a dog rescuer. She has a few dogs of her very own too. One day she was out on the beach when she saw a stray dog. The story she tells in this video will pull at your heart. It is a story that starts out with a lonely dog looking for a pack. Looking for somewhere to go. Looking for someone to love.

It ends with that same dog happy. The dog finally has a home and love. She is no longer alone. Dogs are pack animals and do better when in the company of humans or other dogs. My dog has a ‘pack’ of cats to hang out with – the point is dogs are not designed to live alone. I will let Valia tell you the story.

Take a look at this video

If you ever feel lonely, see if there is a dog at an animal shelter who is lonely too – no one has to be lonely. Share away, people!