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Blind Husband Straps Camera On Guide Dog’s Back. Wife Left Horrified After Seeing Footage

Five years ago, Amit Patel, 37, lost all vision as a result of a condition called keratoconus. To get around, Amit has a seeing eye dog named Kika. Going out into the world without being able to see and only using a dog to help guide you has got to be rather intimidating and scary.

Amit wanted to show the rest of us what it is like being blind in the world today. He attached a GoPro camera to Kika’s harness and went about his day. The footage he showed his wife, Seema, broke her heart. The people Amit and Kika encountered were rude and inconsiderate. Watch the video to hear from Amit yourself.

Take a look at this video

Blindness isn’t contagious, and yet some people didn’t want Amit anywhere near them. Come on people, have a heart! Treat others like you want to be treated. Being a decent human doesn’t cost a thing. Share away, people.