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Strangers Write Their Biggest Regrets On A Public Board, But They All Use These 3 Words

Regrets are a part of life. We all have them – what is your biggest regret? A street in New York had that very question written on a life-sized chalkboard. Passersby could pick up a piece of chalk and write their regret down for all to see. Random people writing down the thing they regretted most.

Would you believe that a lot of people had the same regrets? We often think no one understands what we have been through – turns out that isn’t’ true! There are many people who have been through similar good and bad times. The overall message behind this social experiment was to instil a sense of confidence – in yourself.

Take a look at this video

Take a chance, don’t have regrets. Live life to its fullest and believe in yourself! So, that thing you have always wanted to do, take some steps to get it done today!

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