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Strangers Spot A Bird On Handrail So They Begin To Jump, What Followed Was Unimaginable (Video)

Monkey see monkey do! When it comes to working out, some people go to the gym and pump iron. You can also use the weight machines, elliptical, or treadmills. Many of us go to the gym alone and get our workout done without much interaction with other people; we are self-motivated.

Other people prefer to work out in a group, either you want to get the proper technique, or you need more motivation to get a workout in. It doesn’t matter if you work out alone or with a group, it is important to live a healthy life. The bird in this video clearly sees the benefits of working out with a group!

Take a look at this video!

Finally he joined in with a group of ladies! Not sure many of the women are focusing on their technique as they laugh at the bird!

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