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Stranger Spots Little Girl Weeping At Salon, But It’s What She Does That’s Beautiful Beyond Compare

A woman took the day off from work because she was sick. That day, she decided to get her haircut. At the salon, an eight-year-old girl was sitting in the chair, crying. Her mother was telling her that after chemotherapy, her hair would grow back. Turns out the little girl had stage three cancer in her brain.

The woman was struck by the scene. She sat down and told the little girl, Rachel, that they would do this together! The woman didn’t even know Rachel. She told Rachel hair is overrated and had the stylist shave her head! At one point, Rachel cracked a smile at how silly the woman looked when half of her hair was gone!

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little girl haircut

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Don’t stress about little things. This little girl is fighting cancer. You can make it through your day! You are luckier than you realize.

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