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Stranger Nurses Sick Dog To Health, Then Discovers A Secret She’s Been Hiding All Along

Here is a story that will pull at your heartstrings – so grab the tissues now! About a year ago, Gemma, a white German Shephard, was taken to St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary – she had a severe case of demodectic mange that affected 70% of her body. Gemma’s owners had surrendered her to a shelter, not wanting to deal with her issues.

At St. Bonnie’s, Jolene wasn’t willing to give up on Gemma and nursed her back to health. It took several baths over a few days, but eventually, Gemma’s mange was gone! Then, to everyone’s surprise, Gemma gave birth to five healthy pups! Happily, Gemma and all of her puppies now have their forever homes! Watch the video below to see Gemma’s dramatic transformation (don’t forget that tissue)!

Take a look at this video

Please take care of your pets. If you see an animal in need, speak up and get them the help they deserve.
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