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Desperate Mom Tries To Contact A Friend, But Accidentally Contacts A Stranger Who Shows Her A Miracle

We have spell checkers and grammar checking apps. So, why then do we still see typos? Because nothing is perfect. No matter how hard we try, a tiny mistake sometimes will leak through. In this story, that tiny mistake turned out to be the best mistake ever made! A homeless woman, Amy Rickel, from Appleton, Wisconsin, needed help.

mom and miracle

Image Credit: Amy Rickel / GoFundMe

Without a home or a job and only a broken down car, things were looking bleak for Amy and her three children. Amy reached out to a friend on Facebook – but accidently sent the message to someone with a name very similar to her friend (here enters the mistake).

mom and miracle

Image Credit: WPXI

The man who got Amy’s message, Brian Van Boxtel decided to help. He believed there was a reason that he got the message. Boxtel offered to pay for Amy’s hotel room.

mom and miracle

Image Credit: Facebook / KTRE-TV

But he didn’t stop there! He and Amy set up a GoFundMe account. The account touched the hearts of people who wanted to help Amy and her family this holiday.

mom and miracle

Image Credit: Live 5 News