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Stranger Leaves Unexpected Note On Veteran’s Windshield Which Brings Him To Tears

Bob Bradshaw lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He served in Korea and Vietnam and retired from the U.S. Air Force after serving this country for 30 years. He has a “Disabled American Veteran” license plate and a bronze star decal. He parked his car at his dentist’s office on January 18 and came out after his appointment and found a white envelope under a wiper.

Inside the envelope were a note and a $20 bill. The note simply thanked Bob for his service and that the money was for a meal. It was signed, “A friend.” Bob was shaken. The gesture was something he never experienced before and hopes that other veterans can experience the same thing.

Watch the video below

You don’t have to give every veteran $20 – a handshake and a kind word can mean the world. Share this story with your friends.