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Parents Left Horrified After Seeing Something Strange Inside Disabled Son’s Breathing Tube

We have heard some sad stories that come out of nursing homes about the mistreatment of patients. You would think that someone who has a degree in a health profession would care about the people they are responsible for.

Steven Wenger, 41, was disabled in a car accident 26 years ago and can no longer breathe on his own.

He has been dependent on the health care workers at the New York State nursing home for everything.

Recently, a nurse went to visit and found maggots in his breathing tube – twice!

Clearly, this is a violation of the basic care that he is supposed to get – someone needs to do something NOW!

The state did an investigation and found that Wenger had been neglected by the group homes employees.

It makes you wonder what they are doing if they can’t find the time to do their job properly!

Wenger has had to be taken to the hospital several times for maggot infestations.

You would think that the investigation would have been done after one infestation – why has it taken several to get things looked into?!

Turns out that no employees were ever fired after Wegner was rushed to the hospital and the situation was never made public.

Take a look at this video

Harvey Weisenberg, a former state lawmaker who also has a disabled son, has tried to get a hold of some of the 82,000 reports of neglect and abuse registered in New York between 2013 and 2016 – he hasn’t been able to get even 10 percent of them!

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