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A Strange Dog Approached Him Asking For Help. When I Saw His Head? I’m All Tears.

Stray animals are often treated as nuisances in great cities – even amongst small rural towns. In China, animal abuse is significantly prominent – the poor animals are often captured, brutally tortured and then slaughtered against their own will – even if they had done nothing wrong but to exist on the streets.

In Beijing’s 798 Arts District, a horrific scene of a dog has left the world speechless – and the pictures posted on China’s social media channels has outraged animal lovers across the country.

A black dog was found walking around – with an arrow IN its head.

Image Credit: Sina

Luckily, kind-hearted onlookers decided to bring him to the nearest animal clinic, where the vets proceeded to remove the arrow from its head. Thankfully, it only pierced the dog’s scalp, and did not endanger its life.

Image Credit: Sina