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Every Year This Stork Flies Thousands Of Miles To Be With His Injured Soul Mate!

True love. Malena, a stork, was injured more than twenty years ago by a hunter. She is unable to fly with her partner, Klepetan. Every year near the end of August, Klepetan migrates to South Africa – which is about 8,000 miles away from the nest he shares with Malena in Croatia.

Malena is left alone during the fall and winter. But, every March, Klepetan returns to be with her. This has been happening for about 15 years now.

Stjepan Vokic is the man who has been taking care of the storks (since they live on his roof!).

This year, Klepetan came back a month earlier than expected.

Storks do not mate for life, but they do come back to the same nests each year – which would explain why Klepetan keeps coming back to Malena.