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After Seeing Ultrasound, Couple Adopts Pregnant Dog Who Doesn’t Want To Give Birth

Storie, a pregnant dog, was living at the shelter.

Chris and Mariesa decided to foster her at their home and a comfortable place to have her puppies.

Storie was pregnant with twelve puppies! Storie was just about to pop!

Chris and Mariesa had a spot for her with a bed and everything. The night they brought Storie home, she went into labor!

It was as if Storie refused to give birth at the shelter – she was waiting to have her puppies!

Life in a shelter is stressful enough, imagine trying to give birth in one.

All of her babies were born without complication.

As expected, at the age of two weeks, all the puppies began to open their eyes.

What happened to Storie? You will have to watch the video! It is well worth it – trust me!

Take a look!

Pibbles and More Animal Rescue helped find all twelve pups new forever homes!

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