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Store Owner Asks Woman To Remove Hijab, Shocked At What She Is Hiding Underneath (Video)

Cameras are everywhere – they are watching you. A woman learned this lesson the hard way when employees at a supermarket saw her shoplifting and confronted her. She was told to hand over all the goods she had stolen. She had stashed the goods in her hijab – all nine items including a bottle of Fairy liquid.

It isn’t clear where this incident occurred. The thief seemed a little upset for being inconvenienced after she made her purchase. She reluctantly removed the nine items and even threw some of them on the floor in disgust. Then she just turned and walked out! Teach your children that stealing is wrong.

Take a look at this video

You don’t want to log on to the internet and see your child pulling stolen items out of their clothing. How embarrassing! I bet that woman doesn’t try to steal at that store anytime soon!

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