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Store Clerk Learns Heartbreaking Truth After Abusing Homeless Man Outside His Shop

Have you ever watched commercials or videos from other countries, even when they’re in a language you don’t understand? If you haven’t I recommend it! You’d be surprised how many messages are universal, regardless of language and culture. This advertisement from Thailand features a shop owner who gets to work every morning and sees a homeless man lying there, asleep.

At first, the commercial is quite comedic as the grumpy owner chases off the man, sometimes splashing him with water, then tickling him with a broom, and even yelling expletives at him. Other witnesses look on in disapproval. Then one day, the shop owner smells the stench of urine outside his store and angrily chases off the homeless man, kicking him and shouting hurtfully, assuming he was the one who committed the deed.

Take a look at this video

Let this commercial serve as a reminder to always treat others well, as there is much we do not know.

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