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Here’s Why You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Everyone loves a chilly drink in the summer heats and we always hear about the importance of staying hydrated when the sun is out.

One of the world’s best-loved treat drinks in the summertime is soda.

Soda is, definitively, America’s favorite drink and we consume truly record amounts of it every year.

But because of health concerns, many people switch to its diet equivalent; is diet soda really that much healthier?

The answer is unfortunately no.

While diet soda has fewer calories than regular soda, it’s still got a really high sugar content.

There are also various chemicals and flavorings that can entice but are very harmful to your body.

Doing a diet soda detox can be very tricky and many people find themselves craving it more and more.

Here are eight changes you’ll experience when you give up on diet soda.

Your Immune System Will Be Much Better

Diet soda slows down your metabolism because all of the sugars in it – the body processes it much quicker than carbs or protein, but it generates a lot less waste – therefore you feel the energy but your cells have nothing to feed on.

Stopping diet soda will normalize your gut bacteria and you’ll find your metabolism greatly improving.

Food Will Have More Taste To You

Yes, the artificial ingredients in soda actually alter your taste buds!

When you quit soda, you’ll find that things will actually start tasting a lot better.

Your food experience will definitely improve.

Your Bone Strength Will Get Much Better

This is especially important for people with arthritis and osteoporosis and doctors actually recommend completely cutting sugary drinks out of your diet in those cases because drinking soda makes you 14% more likely to get fractures.

Drinking soda also lowers your bone density and makes you more vulnerable to dislocations and subluxations, too.

You Will Crave Less Sugar

Diet soda inserts a lot of sugar in your body, so when your body gets used to having this much sugar in it, it will always look for ways to compensate.

Give up diet soda and you’ll find your chocolate cravings dissipate!

You Will Lose Weight

When you quit diet soda, you stop craving sugar as much as you have.

That will definitely make a difference in your weight and you’ll start feeling a lot healthier as a result!

Your Appetite Will Be Less In General

When you quit diet soda, it always leads to a lack of satisfaction in all other food.

So your body tries to make up for it, just like it does with sugar.

That’s another reason why you’ll lose weight, too!

Healthier Kidneys

Diet soda is very hard on your kidneys because of the artificial sweeteners and ingredients in it.

When you cut off diet soda, you can rest easy knowing that your kidneys are well taken care of!

Your Alcohol Tolerance Will Rise

Mixing alcohol with soda means you get drunk faster.

When you swear off the sugary drinks and just start drinking less pure alcohol, you’ll find that it’ll take you a lot longer to get drunk!

Are you obsessed with your diet sodas every day? If you are, consider all the benefits you might get by quitting and try to cut it out gradually.

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