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9 Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol For 30 Days

When you look at these two pictures of the same man, it may shock you to know that they were taken within one year.

More amazingly, the picture on the right is 220 days newer than the one on the left! It looks like he aged backwards!

But how, exactly, did this happen?

According to the person in question, a Reddit user with the funny username Ateepeemadeofpeepee, all he did was give up drinking.

He was 220 days sober when he took the second picture, and he decided to post in on the r/happy subreddit.

Better yet, he said there have been so many other more positive changes in his life beyond just his appearance.

It’s true dropping the alcohol habit and recovering from addiction can do so much for your mind, body, and soul.

A while ago, the University of Sussex conducted a Dry January study, which involved an alcohol-free month for all study participants, and they discovered lots of interesting findings.

Here are just some of the great things that can happen to you in just 30 days of quitting drinking.

1. Your Sleep Improves

People sometimes turn to alcohol for a nightcap and say it makes them drowsy – and it does.

But it actually causes worsened sleep quality overall, preventing your body from entering your deepest sleep phase for restorative rest.

71% of study participants reported sleeping better during the month.

2. You Have Better Focus

Drunkenness impairs your cognitive ability, and those effects can linger even after you’ve woken up the next day.

That’s likely why 57% of those studied noticed they had better levels of cognitive skill and focus.

3. You Lose Weight

Alcoholic beverages are packed with loads and loads of calories, and they’re all empty ones that don’t fill you up. In fact, being drunk can make you feel like eating even more.

This is probably why 58% of those joining Dry January lost weight in that month.

4. You Learn More About Your Alcohol Intake

After the study was over, 82% of those involved said they felt that they had a better perception of their drinking habits after being able to assess them with greater distance.

Meanwhile, 80% of them said they felt like they had better control over their drinking issues.

5. You Get Richer

When you’re not spending money on alcohol, your total net worth goes up and your wallet is spared.

A whopping 88% of those joining this study found that they wound up saving more money.

6. You Realize You Don’t Need It

Nearly 75% of those in this study realized that there were plenty of ways they could have fun without alcohol, opening their worlds to many new possibilities.

7. Your Skin Glows

Alcohol is very drying, so the skin winds up cracked and lacking in essential moisture, even with regular facial care. 54% of all study joiners noticed that their skin was healthier.

8. Better Health Overall

If you’re not constantly nursing hangovers and downing alcohol, your body thanks you in kind and begins to patch itself up.

70% of the study participants felt that they became healthier due to the study.

9. You Feel Proud

Curbing an alcohol habit is a huge achievement and one that 94% of those participating felt proud of!