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Doctors Are Begging Parents To Stop Children From Playing This New Social Media Challenge

The latest challenge on social media is earning teens and tweens a trip to the emergency room. It is called the “salt and ice challenge.” What you have to do is put some salt and ice on your skin and see how long you can withstand the pain. Salt lowers freezing point and temperature of the ice and is causing second-degree burns.

That is why we spread salt on icy roads – to lower the freezing point. After you have completed the challenge, you are supposed to take a picture of the burn as proof that you did it. Children as young as eight have participated.

Brian Wagers, a pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children says that the salt and ice challenge can also cause third degree burns.

Watch the news report below!

Which means the skin can turn to leather, it will cause a bald patch and loss of sensation in that area.

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