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For A Month, This Starving, Blind Dog’s Home Was Just A Cushion Amid A Pile Of Trash

If you saw a dog like this lying there alone and in bad shape what would you do? Christi Camblor stopped. Christi was driving her van in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico when she saw the poor creature lying the garbage. Christi is the co-founder of a rescue organization in Mexico called Compassion Without Borders.

She knew that the German Shepherd was on the brink of death. The only comfort the dog had in the world was a dirty, torn up cushion. Starving street dogs are a common site in Mexico, according to Christi.

She said that some people will feed the dogs, but many go without and are left to wander the streets hoping to find food. The locals said the dog didn’t belong to anyone and had been in the area for about a month.

Thankfully, Christi and her team were there to help this poor pooch.