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Starbucks Sparks Outrage After Banning Man For Life For Illegal Parking

Raise your hand if you love Starbucks! Me too! I don’t go there often, just as a special treat – but I would be devastated to be banned – for life! In May 2015, Rob Rowen from St. Petersburg Florida got a let from Starbucks saying he wasn’t welcome to come back. Why? Because Rowen had told people that had parked illegally in a handicapped space to move their cars!

So, Rowen was doing the right thing, and the franchise banned him from their store? The company claimed he was disrupting business! Really? Rowen has a son-in-law that suffers from physical disabilities and is passionate about the issue. In an update, the ban was lifted, and Starbucks said that Rowen is welcome in any store. The chain has agreed to work with Rowen to resolve the issue.

Take a look at this video

I am with Rowen on this – if you aren’t physically handicapped, don’t take those spots – even if you think you will take ‘just a minute.’

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