Stacey Faix baby adoption

When Stacey Faix was 15, she got pregnant and had a little boy. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to give her son the life that he deserved, so she placed him for adoption.

When the baby’s parents arrived, Stacey didn’t hold her little boy. Instead, she only said good-bye, hoping that he would have a good life with his new family.

Unfortunately, all of the baby’s birth records were lost in a flood, which meant that the boy never got to see the name of his real mother.

A new law was put into effect in November 2017 that would mean a few changes for Stacey.

People who had been adopted would be able to find out who their birth parents were so that they could make a decision as to whether to contact them or not.

Stacey attended the Pittsburgh Half Marathon the following year and received the biggest surprise of her life.

She was a member of Team Red, White, and Blue. They planned to run in the marathon that day.

While Stacey was standing on the sidelines before the marathon started, she was handed a letter.

The letter stated that it had been over 13,000 days since she saw the person and that he didn’t want to make her wait any longer to see him.

Soon, her son made his appearance right behind her.