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Someone Tried Killing This Old Turtle By Stabbing Her With A Screwdriver, But She Didn’t Give Up

Do you remember the story about Tuttle the turtle? During the fall of 2015, Tuttle, a common snapping turtle, was found in Illinois near the home of Paul and Diane Tuttle with a screwdriver sticking out of her shell. During the attack, Tuttle, 70 years old, had been stabbed in the head.

Paul and Diane reached out to help Tuttle. Tuttle was happy to get help and never once tried to snap at the couple. Tuttle was taken to All Pets Vet Clinic for treatment. The doctors found that Tuttle had a skull fracture and was blind in one eye as a result of the attack.

The herpetologist from the Peoria Zoo, Douglas Holmes took over care of Tuttle. Her road to recovery was going to be long, and Holmes would be there by her side the entire time. We are happy to report that Tuttle has recovered enough to be returned to the wild!