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Store Owners Couldn’t Understand Why Chocolates Were Disappearing. Then Camera Reveals The ‘Thief’

Stealing is wrong. We were all probably taught never to steal when we were kids. Sadly, people steal things. The Kim family own a convenience store called Luke’s Grocery and Snack Bar, in Toronto, Canada. They noticed that dozens of their candy bars had gone missing, and they turned to the surveillance cameras to find out who the thief was – they were shocked when they saw it was a squirrel!

It all started when the dad started to feed the birds. Some squirrels would come by too and eat the seed. But the squirrels didn’t stop there! They started to come in the store and snitch the candy bars! I imagine the squirrels think that if the door is open and all those goodies are sitting there – they must be free to take!

Take a look at this video!

Who can blame the squirrels? Apparently, humans are not the only ones with a sweet tooth! Share away, people!