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Incredible Video Captures A Mama Squirrel Saving Her Tiny Babies From Certain Death

What do you do if you are a landscaper and you are trimming trees when you realize that you have disrupted a squirrel’s den? If that wasn’t bad enough, there are three newborn babies inside the nest. Well, if you are responsible and a decent human, you try to help the tiny babies. The landscapers in this video did just that, they move the nest to the ground.

That is when momma squirrel took over. She isn’t about to let her helpless babies stay on the ground! One by one, the momma squirrel pick up her babies. She gives them a quick check up and then dashes off with them to a new nest. See, not all animals are helpless.

Take a look at this video

This momma knew just what to do! She didn’t waste any time getting her babies to safety! A momma’s work is never done! Share away, people!