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Spunky Gorilla Can’t Contain Himself When He Steps In The Swimming Pool (Video)

Animals like to have fun too -they may just experience fun differently than humans do. Gorillas are one of my favorite animals. They have many of the same physical features humans do (expressive faces, ten fingers, ten toes). They also like to have fun! In the video below, Zola is enjoying his time in the swimming pool at the Dallas Zoo!

The Dallas Zoo wrote that enrichment activities like this help enhance the lives of the animals living in captivity, and it provides mental and physical stimulation. Let us not forget the video taken of Zola when he was younger and living at the Calgary Zoo!

Water and dancing seem to be two of Zola’s favorite things! Dance Zola! Dance like nobody’s watching! Thank you to the Dallas Zoo for sharing this latest video of Zola enjoying life!

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