When we look at baby powder, we think of preventing rashes, keeping moisture at bay on the body, and a nice, pleasant scent.

What we often don’t think of is the fact that there are more uses to this handy childcare product than we may expect.

For example, did you know that you can use your baby powder in your garden, and around your home? Yes, you read that absolutely right!

Lots of problems we face inside our homes and in our yards are blasted with expensive and often ineffectual solutions, but with baby powder, your life may have just become a whole lot easier.

Life Hacks With Baby Powder In Your Garden Or Yard

1. Ants


Ants will scavenge for any bit of food they can find, and once one discovers your garden, more are sure to follow.

Sprinkle some baby powder around the perimeter of your garden or yard, or around any area you want them to stay away from – including doorways. The small puts them right off!

2. Aphids


Aphids are likely extremely annoying to you if you’re an avid gardener.

If you notice some aphids hanging around, dust a little baby powder in that area and the blackflies and whiteflies will stay far, far away.

3. Beetles


If you often find beetles on your plants, pour some baby powder onto the leaves. Just a little bit can keep a lot of beetles away, as they taste bad to the insects.

Do note that rain and watering the plants will wash the powder away, so you’ll need to put more.

4. Rabbits


Baby powder smells harsh to rabbits and tastes pretty bad to them too.

Just a bit of a sprinkle around your garden can do wonders. Replace it after rain or heavy wind.

Life Hacks With Baby Powder Inside Your Home

1. Keep Shoes Odor-Free


Face it – shoes can really, really smell. If you find yourself spending all day outside and being embarrassed by how bad the foot odor is, you can do this neat trick.

Pour some baby powder into the shoes to soak up moisture, preventing mold and smells.

2. No More Root Rot


Root rot is a common issue with a lot of plants. It’s even more frustrating when it’s caused by mice instead of a genuine error on your part!

Before planting bulbs, take a very little bit of baby powder and spread it over the bulbs.

Then, place them in a Ziplock bag, seal, and shake. Take them out when you’re ready to plant them and enjoy no root rot!

3. Tool Burn


If you use a lot of tools, the friction involved with using them can cause your hands to become sore or develop blisters.

This is because your hands are sweaty and the tools are sliding in and out of your grip.

Put some baby powder on them before using them and you won’t have to deal with this problem!

Life hacks like these are so good because they make our lives easier in a simple and inexpensive way! Don’t you agree?