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Woman Throws A Metal Spoon Across The Floor, But I’ve Never Seen A Cat React Like This!

We all know that many dogs like to play fetch (I have met a few dogs who refuse to fetch). Seems like a silly game really, but dogs seem to enjoy it. Cat owners know that most cats will not fetch. Cats will chase a tiny red laser dot, though, and that is loads of fun! The kitty in this video is a little different.

He has been different for some time – he like metal spoons. Yes, metal spoons. Once you see him play with it, you may understand his attraction to them. In the video, you can see a cat toy lying on the ground. But what does the kitty want? His spoon! It does make a cool noise as the cat and his owner play – maybe the kitty likes the sound.

Take a look at this video!

Who knows, at least the kitty is happy, and that is all that matters. Enjoy ginger kitty! Share away, people!