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Man Spits On Dogs Because They Stink. How The Other Guy Responds Will Make You Cry

Social experiment time. Moe and ET are back! They are the YouTube film-makers that are trying to make a point about being responsible for your pets even if you experience hard financial times. Moe and ET put two dogs on the streets of New York City with a sign. They wondered if people would stop and help. One loser actually spit on the dogs.

Why? What was the point? Did the dogs understand the gesture? No, but we all saw his callous actions. No one was impressed. Wait until the end though. A true hero arrives. He doesn’t show the dogs any disrespect at all. He actually takes the time to help. The special twist? The man who stopped to help was homeless.

Take a look at this video

He had very little for himself, but was willing to help the dogs. Why is it that the people who have so little are willing to give so much? Share away, people.