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Video Shows Horrific Moment Spider Crawls Out Of Woman’s Ear

Many people have a fear of spiders. This is known as arachnophobia and is shared by millions of Americans.

One woman was stunned to realize that her headaches were being caused by a living spider that was lodged in her ear.

This is the kind of story that people expect to hear on the news or in a horror story.

Many readers are already clogging their ears full of cotton to keep any burrowing spiders out. For this poor woman, it was already too late.

Moncayofoto / Shutterstock

Lekshmi resides in India and enjoys taking naps on the veranda.

One day, when she was taking a much-needed nap, a tiny spider crawled inside her ear to make a comfortable home.

Because the spider was so small, Lekshmi did not notice when it entered her ear.

After experiencing headaches for a few days, Lekshmi decided to visit the local hospital in Karnataka.

During the appointment, a doctor realized that the spider was causing Lekshmi’s headaches.

According to the Indian Express, Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy had never experienced a case like this.

Although it is common for patients to get some objects stuck in their ear, Dr. Shivaswamy and his medical team had never seen someone with a spider living in their ear canal.

Lekshmi was terrified upon hearing the news. She could feel movement in her ear, but she never would have guessed that a spider was the cause.

The doctors were able to remove the spider without any complications.

Lekshmi is now free of headaches, but she may think twice now before taking a nap on the veranda.

Even though these events are very uncommon, it is still scary to imagine a spider living inside your ear.