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Speeding Maniac Threatens Kids, So Hero Neighbor Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

The speed limit in most residential neighborhoods is 25 mph. How many cars going down your street are actually going that speed? It isn’t safe for the children for cars to go flying down the road in neighborhoods. A dangerous high-speed motorcycle chase took place in April 2015. The police were having trouble catching the guy – and then he sped through a neighborhood.

One concerned citizen, Floyd Briggs decided he had to stop the madman before he hurt an innocent child. Floyd, dressed in denim overalls and a camo hat stood in the middle of the road and stared the cyclist down! The cyclist slid to a halt and took off running! Watch the video to find out what happened next.

Take a look here!

The local news outlets dubbed it an “intense game of chicken!”  Remember, not all superheroes wear masks and capes!

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