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Speechless Fisherman Posts Strange Catch Online That Goes Viral Overnight

Fishing is a sport that requires lots of patience, but it’s often rewarding and worth the wait. But few have been rewarded as generously as Monroe MacKinney, a 22-year-old from Missouri who got a surprising 2-in-1 catch!

While fishing at an eight-acre pond on his parent’s estate, MacKinney was thrilled to get a bite on his line, and reeled it in to find that he had managed to snag a big bass fish. But when he opened the fish’s mouth to lip it, he was amazed to spot a dead mole inside it, his little paws reaching forward as though it was attempting to climb out!

MacKinney has no idea how the mole could manage to find itself inside a fish, and it was quite a lucky catch, as he’d almost decided that he was done with fishing for the day and had been away from the pond for three hours before coming back to try again.

A snapshot of the mole inside the bass’ mouth was uploaded to MacKinney’s social media, where it went viral. He’s beyond proud of his once-in-a-lifetime catch! The bass was then released back into the water, and how the mole found its way inside it will remain a mystery!