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Deaf And Blind Elephant Cried When People Arrived To Rescue Her From The Life Of A Beggar

Sook Jai is a 75-year-old elephant. She has lived most of her life as a trekker and a beggar in camps. Her sad existence has been one of giving rides to tourists. She was not treated well over the years and had sustained many injuries. Happily, the Save Elephant Foundation found Sook Jai and rescued her.

Sook Jai seemed to understand what was happening and appeared to be crying tears of joy as they transported her to the sanctuary. Watch the video below to see Sook Jai and her journey to freedom. Then you will see the moment when Sook Jai is finally set free.

Take a look at this video

She now has the freedom to do what she wants to do and won’t be forced to give people rides! You can follow Save Elephant Foundation on Facebook to keep up with all the fantastic work they do to help save Asian elephants! Share away, people.