Leaving the family pet when going on vacation often proves to be a stressful situation, even when the furry loved one is left in the good care of a trusted family member.


It is safe to assume that most times the separation is harder for the humans than it is for the pets.

Garrett Johnson’s parents recently set sail on a week-long cruise and entrusted him with the task of taking care of the family dog, Oscar.

Like any dog mom, Garrett’s mother was nervous and repeated friendly reminders to him to take good care of Oscar.


To put his parents’ minds at ease, Garrett shot a humorous video showcasing the duo’s lively daily happenings.

Shared activities included dinner at the table and catching a movie before bedtime.


Along with posting the video on Facebook, Garret stated that his parents went on a cruise and left him home alone.

His mom kept reminding him to take good care of their dog Oscar.

The video served as proof that Oscar was doing perfectly fine.

Although the parents were the ones enjoying a vacation, it seems as if Oscar and Garrett were also enjoying a ration of fun!