Josette Duran packs two lunches for her son Dylan for him to take to school instead of one.

She’s been doing this since the school year started and didn’t know why her son was taking two meals until a few months had passed.

Dylan was taking lunch for him to enjoy and one for his friend who didn’t have anything to eat.

Soon after she started making the lunches, Josette posted the conversation she had with her son on Facebook for others to read.

Dylan started the conversation by asking his mother to make him two lunches, and Josette wanted to know if he wasn’t getting enough to eat during the day.

He then told his mother that his friend ate a fruit cup for lunch and that he wanted to take something for him so that he could eat as well.

Dylan also told his mother that he didn’t think that the boy had money to buy lunch at school.

After doing some investigating, Josette learned more about the boy who Dylan was helping and his mother.

Josette could relate to the family because she was homeless with her son only a few years ago.

They didn’t have a lot of food and had to sleep in their vehicle, taking sponge baths in any bathroom that they could find.

The school soon called because the boy’s mother found out that Josette was packing an extra lunch and offered to pay for the lunch, but Josette knew that she was doing something that she was supposed to do for another person.