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Mom Tweezes 27 Fingernails Out Of Her Son’s Gums (Video)

I am amazed at how many people take videos and then post them on social media.

Isn’t there anything we keep private anymore?

Sara Guidry was tired of hearing her son, Kale, complain about the pain he was having in his mouth.

So, she whipped out a pair of tweezers and her phone and decided to take care of it once and for all!

When she looked inside his mouth, she could see that Kale’s gums were inflamed.

She also saw something wedged between his teeth and gums. Kale had gotten fingernail embedded in there.

Biting your fingernails is a nervous habit (I am still trying to get over that today).

Take a look at this video

Sara shared her story so that other parents are aware of the potential damage that nail biting can cause.

In all, Sara pulled out 27 fragments of fingernail from Kale’s mouth!

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