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She Adopted Him When He Was A Baby. 27 Years Later, He Did Something Behind Her Back

There are way too many children in our foster care system. People have babies and then realize they don’t want them or have issues that prevent them from taking care of their own children. Jordan was put up for adoption when he was very young. He was with the same foster mom for four years, Ingeborg McIntosh.

McIntosh did her best to try and adopt Jordan and finally was able to do so. Twenty years passed. McIntosh was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and would need a kidney transplant. When Jordan found out he was a match, he stepped up and volunteered to give her one of his kidneys. The two are both alive and well today.

Take a look at this video

This story proves that family isn’t just the people who share blood. A family is a group of people who love each other unconditionally and would do anything (anything) at all to help. Share away, people!