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Mom Finds Son Kneeling To Pray In Walmart. Looks At Blue Board Hung On Wall Above Him And Gasps

When this mother briefly lost track of her son in a Walmart in the July of 2017, she knew he couldn’t have gone far, and spotted him off to the front of the store. She was prepared to give him a sharp talking to for leaving her side as she ran a quick errand, but when she saw what he was doing, she couldn’t help but snap a picture.

Image Credit: Flickr/Random Retail

The young boy was kneeling down next to a bench against the wall at the front of Walmart, his hands clasped in front of him and his eyes shut tight. His mom wondered what was going on, but as she walked closer, she realized he was praying.

But why? She searched around for clues, and when she saw it, she was immediately touched.

Image Credit: Facebook/kvne

A poster on the bulletin board hanging above the bench contained the pictures and information of missing children who were from families in the area. It also included a tagline that said how every single moment counted in finding these kids and reuniting them with their families. And the woman’s son was kneeling before them, praying to God for the safe return of these children.

Image Credit: Facebook/kvne

The mother took a picture of her son and posted it to Facebook, where it quickly garnered nearly 115,000 shares and even more likes, from people with all sorts of religious beliefs. One thing was certain: no matter what God you believed in, this beautiful moment shows the kindness and compassion that we should all strive to have.

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