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Mother Walked In On Her 14-Year-Old Son Raping His 8-Year-Old Cousin

In the eyes of the law, a 14-year-old is not an adult – in most places anyway.

But one 14-year-old boy in Maryland, Solomon Pule, is being tried as an adult after he raped an 8-year-old cousin and then threatened her with scissors.


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Pule’s mother had just left the room to put her other son, a 2-year-old down to nap.

When she came back, she found her son raping the 8-year-old. He was on top of her, and both were partially undressed.


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On the love seat next to them was a pair of scissors.

When interviewed the 8-year-old said that Pule was going to cut her if she made noise, she also stated that he put his ‘thing’ in her.

The mother called the Baltimore City Police, and they arrested Pule for rape who is being held at the Baltimore City Detention Center.


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When he was questioned, Pule admitted to raping his cousin. Pule now faces both first and second-degree rape charges and is being tried as an adult.

All this means that the 14-year-old boy could now spend the rest of his life behind bars.


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Maryland has a law that says anyone between the ages of 14 and 18 can be tried as an adult if the crime they commit would be punished by life in prison or death.

If convicted, Pule will do his time in an adult prison.

Do you think his mother did the right thing by calling the police?

This must not have been an isolated incident of trouble that she has had with him.

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